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We were in a rush to get our website up and running and QuestStone came through for us in a big way. They were able to take our rough ideas and turn them into a polished, professional website that we're proud to show off. We highly recommend them to anyone in need of web development services.

Sonnah Ruiz

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Darius Parker

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Ellington Chrissie

Heidi Sutphin
“The Executioner”

Chief Administrative Officer

With a B.S.B.A in I.T, Heidi has the means to effectively motivate and help organize your ideas for any project. She strives to stay on track to provide positive, encouraging customer service and communication to clients.

Christian Womack
“The Professor”

Chief Executive Officer

Christian’s superpowers are IT Consulting, Project Management, Software Development, Design, and Inventing. He can help craft your idea, turn it into reality, all while setting you up for success with culture in mind.

Anthony Whitaker
“The Technician”

Chief Marketing Officer

Entrepreneur, Innovator, and Leader. Skilled in Marketing, Design, Social Media, Communications, Networking, and all things Creative. Strong professional that brings energy, creativity, and innovation to each and every project.

Future Trapper


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    December 2020


    August 2020

  • National Design Award

    June 2020

  • Apple Design Award

    December 2019


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  • CES 2021

    January 2021

  • Invisible Talks

    December 2020

  • Oslo Design Fair

    March 2019

  • Design of the year

    September 2018